B is for…

Bergen, Blue Skies and B Final. -------- Before all else, I have to say a massive thank you to the organisers, planners, helpers and anyone other associated with the Bergen Sprint Camp (BSC). It is probably the most well-organised technical camp I have taken part in. The availability of live results, maps and the analysis … Continue reading B is for…


Spring Forward

After returning from an amazing training camp in the Catalonia region of Spain I was hoping that the weather would continue to improve in the UK, but The Beast from the East seems to have other ideas! So whilst we experience this rather odd environmental phenomenon, I thought I'd summarise my time away.     Part … Continue reading Spring Forward


Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. I hope to post regularly about my different training and racing adventures; hopefully here will be lots to talk about this year. Warning: the post after this will be very long. It's hard to cut down a year of stuff into a manageable read! Enjoy 🙂