Spring Forward

After returning from an amazing training camp in the Catalonia region of Spain I was hoping that the weather would continue to improve in the UK, but The Beast from the East seems to have other ideas! So whilst we experience this rather odd environmental phenomenon, I thought I'd summarise my time away.     Part … Continue reading Spring Forward


Race Yourself Fit

So my Christmas break is officially over, it's time to stop eating 4000 calories a day and time to get back to work and the usual routine. I'm back in Sheffield ready to start the fourth month of my PhD (after I write this and procrastinate with numerous other tasks, of course!) and I'm feeling … Continue reading Race Yourself Fit

Broken Silence

It's been a long time since my last post, but I've found it hard to pick out enough words to say, at least positive ones anyway! The past few weeks have been a good opportunity for me to reflect on my 2017 season. Things missing from my 2017 season, prominent in previous two seasons: JK … Continue reading Broken Silence


Twelve Weeks Later…

I always find that my optimism at the start of an injury is high, I always expect to be back way sooner than is possible and this has really been highlighted to me with this achilles injury. Despite not being back to full-time running training I have been able to cross-train every day, and have … Continue reading Twelve Weeks Later…


A New Year

These three pictures show how my year has started; injury. I've said it before, but it seems that I run out of luck just when things are going well. A small niggle in my left calf, unattended, led to stress on my right achilles causing slight swelling and discomfort and hence no running. It is … Continue reading A New Year



Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. I hope to post regularly about my different training and racing adventures; hopefully here will be lots to talk about this year. Warning: the post after this will be very long. It's hard to cut down a year of stuff into a manageable read! Enjoy 🙂



One year on from my first ever World Orienteering Championships (WOC), I find myself at my second (and only my fifth competition for Great Britain). Whilst the competition was still my aim and highlight of the year, this one felt different. In 2015 I had no expectations to make the World Champs team; I didn't … Continue reading Expectations